Perbury Group comprises of Perbury Developments Ltd and Perbury Investments Ltd. Together, these two companies undertake a wide range of commercial and residential property development work in and around Hampshire.

Over the last sixty years, Perbury has established an excellent reputation upheld by quality, value and attention to detail – the three pillars of our longstanding success. We build to high standards and specification, using quality materials that are respectful of location and environment. We are also recognised as a company that is prepared to take on challenging projects, working through whatever issues arise to deliver a successful outcome for our clients.

With exceptional levels of experience and expertise, we are able to field professional teams for all types of development work, from residential, industrial and commercial to retail and conversion. As you would expect, we manage all our projects from start to finish, from initial purchase to design, planning, construction, through to completion.

We acquire land for long term development, often working with landowners through joint ventures and options. We purchase land with existing permissions as well as land requiring planning, provided it has a comfortable proximity to local development.