About us

About us

At Perbury, we’ve been building high quality residential and commercial properties in carefully selected locations for over sixty years. 
We build homes of excellent quality, deliver outstanding customer care and provide homebuyers with excellent value for money. 
We are not in the business of cutting corners to meet unrealistic timescales and we never place profit before quality. These values underpin the integrity at the heart of our business. It is this that makes us different.

We have a wide range of expertise across all sectors, from commercial, industrial, residential, retail, care and nursing homes to land development and investment. Our architects and engineers are constantly looking for innovative and more sustainable methods of construction. We take great care to landscape all our developments, whether residential or commercial, to ensure a diverse habitat. Most importantly, we care about our clients and their enjoyment of the environments we create.

As we are a relatively small team, clients will always deal with one of the company directors or senior managers. So you can be sure of straight talking – and straight answers.


Whenever we work with landowners, we are committed to making sure they get the best return on their asset. We are always looking for sites with potential, so please get in touch if you own or know of land that may be suitable for development, whatever the size. It could be a vacant property, some unused land, part of a rear garden, or land that is contaminated.

When it comes to planning permission – a costly and complex process – we have the expertise to bring all the professional disciplines together to maximise the development potential of your land. We have an enviable track record of obtaining planning permissions in locations you might think most unlikely. If you are interesting in selling or developing your land, please just ask, and we will tell you within 48 hours whether we think planning permission is a possibility.

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