Conservation... managing the environment


At Perbury, we believe in the founding principals of conservation. At the same time, however, we understand that people have to live, work and play to sustain communities and that sometimes the interests of ‘the community’ are at odds with those of ‘the environment.’ That is why, on all our projects, we put a huge amount of effort into achieving the most environmentally friendly solution possible, within the available budget.

Where possible, we consult with all parties, from the ultimate owner and occupier to the wider local community in order to achieve that balanced position…a ‘win, win’ situation for all.

We are also involved with some exciting environmental projects. For instance, over the last twelve years, we have been managing a designated ancient woodland by coppicing rotation over a ten year cyclical period, allowing ground cover to flourish and natural regeneration to occur. In this instance we have also been able arrange access permission, allowing the local community to walk in the woodland and share the beauty and peace of this ancient landscape.

We care passionately about nature and believe it is the duty of each and every one of us to consider the environment we live in and help protect it for future generations.

Perbury Group